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Psytribe, an outdoor event organizer based in Shenzhen, China, teamed up with White Cat, another Shenzhen-based event organizer, to run their very first “return to goa” psytrance electronic party, a 3 day, 2 nights beach event based in Dong Chong beach.

With the two crews already having a good ammount of followers, but spreaded all accross the chinese internet and app ecosystem, Psytribe needed a one-stop platform that would allow them to give out important information about the event , comply with the local regulations, all while being mobile friendly for the savvy local tech users. The psychedelic and laid-back aspect of the event also needed to be apparent, as “return to goa” is a free-to-attend event.

As an invested player in the local music scene and being deeply involved with psytribe, webdesign360 knew exactly what the party and visitors needed and came up with a pure HTML5 and CSS3 based one-page type of landing page, in order to present all the important information at once all while adhering to the local usage customs and regulations. Chinese payment systems and social media links were put in place and the website was optimized to run fast for the chinese web.



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    Psytribe is a Shenzhen-based collective dedicated to bringing psychedelic music, dance, art and culture to southern China.