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B2B Corporate Website, Online Catalog Platform


DC-Innovation prides itself in its quality craftsmanship and comfort of their line of product, while focusing heavily on the aesthetic appeal of their product line. As a B2B-oriented manufacturer of quality furniture, they needed a web platform that would allow them to present their brand and product in a light but complete approach, while at the same time offering their visitors and leads the option to easily inquire about the prices of their products.

Webdesign360 came up with a woocommerce-based website that presents the company and their program in a minimalist manner, while adding an e-catalog functionality that allow leads to browse and add products, select options and change quantities, add them to their inquiry basket, and receive a quote for their exact selection of product.

Black and White colors, large vision, minimalist presentation, and easy-to-use for leads, those were the guidelines webdesign360 and dc-innovation set for their website. The result is a platform that has been used by dozen of leads and allows the company to get insightful inquiries, allowing to raise their lead-to-client conversion rates.


    DC Innovation

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    Project Management, Online Catalog Development, Web Development, Graphic Design, Copywriting


    DC Innovation is focused on furniture that sets your home apart in terms of comfort as well as aesthetic appeal. We confidently promise this because innovation is our best asset, and all furniture we provide is truly innovative, integrating quality with comfort, functionality, and attractiveness.